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What is a Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket and Why is it Useful for Safety?

by eBusiness UK Ltd Collaborator on June 10, 2021

As an industrial or construction worker, you face many risks as you operate in an environment with heavy machines. A simple mistake can lead to a fatal accident. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from such eventualities. One piece of PPE that comes in handy in high-risk work situations is the Hi Vis Bomber Jacket.

The attires are helpful in warning machine operators and drivers that you are around so that they work cautiously. They also keep you warm as you work. The professionals who use these clothing items include traffic control personnel, parking attendants, and construction workers. You should understand the requirements of your work before you purchase them. Otherwise, you may end up with an item of improper clothing.

What is a Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket? The Details You Should Understand 

A high visibility jacket is work apparel that makes it easy for people to see you. They are mostly used in environments where heavy machines are used. The items have colourful fluorescence to help reflect invisible ultraviolet light and make it visible.

What are the colour combinations that are used in these jackets? Approval bodies recommend three colours as they offer the best visibility characteristics. They include:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Fluorescent lime
  • Orange

You should choose colours that contrast your work environment. For instance, in a work environment with yellow machines, you should use red jackets. An orange one may not work well in this case as the colour is related to yellow. The safety of workers is an important aspect that affects productivity and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The items offer three protection levels. They include:

  • Class 1 - The garments in this level are the least visible. They are used in an environment where one faces the lowest level of risk. Therefore, they may not be ideal for some workplaces.
  • Class 2 - The garments offer medium visibility. Such Hi Vis Bomber Jackets are popular with people who work in road construction environments and parking attendants who face medium risks.
  • Class 3 - When you are looking for the highest level of visibility, the items in this class are the ones you should purchase. They are used in high-risk environments.

What To Look for in a High-Visibility Bomber Jacket 

You need to equip yourself such that you can work in different weather conditions. The drop in temperature shouldn’t prevent you from discharging your duties. As you work, your safety is important. You need the best jacket to help you work comfortably.

The market has different brands. You may become confused and purchase an inappropriate item. What are the most important factors to guide you as you buy a top-notch Hi Vis Bomber Jacket? Always assess the aspects below:

The durability of the Jacket in Question 

As you purchase these jackets, you should get value for money. You don’t want a situation where you purchase a jacket today only for it to get damaged after a few days. Such an eventuality can leave you feeling frustrated.

You may need to use the jacket in tough conditions. If you purchase a mediocre piece, you are likely to be left unprotected after a short duration. You may fail to deliver as you are aware of your vulnerability as you work.

What are the specific durability aspects that you should assess in the Hi Vis Lightweight Waterproof Jackets? Ascertain that the zippers are designed properly and are unlikely to be damaged as you work. Perfect pull strings can also ensure you use the garment for an extended period.

The Material Used to Make the Jacket 

A jacket is as good as the material that is used to make it. If you choose an item that is made from cheap and weak material, expect it to be damaged within a few days.  However, strong materials can serve you for a long time.

What are examples of the best materials? If you choose a jacket whose fabrics are coated with Polyurethane, you are likely to use it for a long time. Such material is strong and doesn’t fade fast. You also feel comfortable in it as it is breathable. Another material that you shouldn’t overlook when you are looking for durability is ripstop, a fabric made using a special reinforcing technique; during weaving reinforcement yarns are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. This makes the fabric resistant to tearing and ripping.

The Level of Insulation When You Wear the Jacket 

With the right level of insulation, the rates of heat loss are minimized. Therefore, you feel warm even during cold conditions. You should consider jackets made from cotton and wool for the best insulation. Most companies use fleece for insulation because of its ability to dry fast, its warmth, and durability.

You should also consider water resistance as you purchase these products. Jackets made from polyurethane offer the best water protection. With them, you can stay warm even when it is raining. You should consider them as you purchase these products.

 The Specific Work Conditions You Face 

Another important factor that determines the type of Hi Vis Bomber Jacket you purchase is the job you are doing. You shouldn’t buy a commodity that doesn’t suit you. It makes you feel like you’ve wasted your money.

What are the specific work conditions that should guide your jacket choice? First, determine the average winter temperature that you expect it to withstand and the amount of time you spend exposed to this condition. Besides, you should know the level of risk that you are exposed to in your work environment. With such factors in mind, you can choose the best jacket.

The Size of the Jacket You Intend to Buy 

Hi Vis Bomber Jackets come in different sizes and fits. You should ensure that the one you choose is perfect for your body shape. That way, you can work without feeling uncomfortable.

What are the indications that the jacket you have chosen fits you? It should be possible for you to raise your hands without exposing the lower parts of your stomach. Your wrists should also be covered when you wear this jacket.

Select the Right High Visibility Jacket Design 

You should choose a design that makes you comfortable. Besides, you should look presentable in your work environment. That doesn’t mean that you should pick the trendiest jacket. Instead, ensure it suits your needs.

What are the designs that are available for you? If you work under tough conditions, choose the heavy-duty design as it is suitable for such areas. Windbreaker jackets protect you in conditions that are a bit warm.

The Importance of Hi Vis Bomber Jackets 

If you are working in the office, you may only be facing minimal hazards. You need to take precautions in a construction site and other high-risk work areas. If you don’t, you may suffer serious injuries. How helpful are Hi Vis Lightweight Waterproof Jackets in such places?

Improves the Level of Safety at Work 

Accidents happen on roads. You face such risks if you are working as a traffic control personnel. When you work in such a place, you should have a high-visibility jacket. It helps motorists to see you and reduces the chances of being hit.

They Protect You Against Cold 

During winter, temperatures may drop to uncomfortable levels. The cold conditions may make you susceptible to different ailments including pneumonia. Such jackets keep you warm.

Makes Employees More Visible

Some work environments have heavy machines. The operators need to see those they are working with to prevent accidental collisions. It is these jackets that help with that in ensuring you are visible.