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What Are the Main Benefits of High Visibility Clothing?

by eBusiness UK Ltd on June 03, 2021

Every industry or field of work has its own set of risks. For the sake of professionalism, people in different fields are supposed to wear specific clothes when they are at work. For instance, those in the hospitality industry such as waiters wear uniforms and name tags so that customers can know that they are dealing with the right people. In other professions, you may need to wear a Hi Vis Jacket to work.

Where did these garments come from? People have been wearing high visibility clothing for many centuries now. Their popularity began increasing in the 1950s after they were used in the 2nd World war. Previously, they were mostly used by railway workers. They are now being used in many other areas.

What is the main purpose of wearing a Hi Vis Work Jacket? They are part of the PPE (personal protective equipment) that is used to reduce the chances of one getting injured in an environment where people are working. In which professions are you likely to find these garments?

  • Surveyors and road constructors
  • Firefighting personnel and traffic police
  • Ground operators at the airport
  • Maritime shipping experts

How Is High Visibility Clothing Made?

Just like the name suggests, the items are designed with the visibility of the wearer in mind. Simply put, someone can easily see you when you put on the clothing. High-reflective materials like glass beads are used to make these items. Since the clothes reflect light at a wider angle, it is easy to see the person wearing them.

Top Tips for Choosing the Right High Visibility Clothing

Wearing high visibility clothing like a Hi Vis Work Jacket doesn’t mean you intend to look more fashionable than other people. The point is to protect yourself from risks in your work environment. Therefore, you should purchase and wear one that suits you.

You may want to purchase the clothing but you have no idea which one is good for you. It could be because you have many options and you are confused. If you want to buy the best high visibility clothing, here are tips that can help you:

Consider the Type of Work You Do

High visibility clothing items are made for different work environments. If you purchase one that doesn’t help, you may feel that you have wasted your money. For someone working in a construction zone, you should know that you are exposed to many risks including being knocked by the heavy machines in these areas. You should purchase an item of clothing that is very visible so that machine operators can always see you.

Besides, you may also need high visibility clothing if you ride bikes when going to work or when working. In such a case, you should choose a Hi Vis Fleece Jacket that is visible even at night. It enhances your safety.

The Cost of the Clothing in Question

Clothes made of Hi Vis materials are never cheap. The prices also vary from one store to the next. You should purchase an item that you can afford without compromising on quality. If the one that you want to purchase is expensive, you should take your time and save for it.

Ensure the Clothing Suits Your Body shape

You want to feel comfortable when donning the high visibility clothing. Although they come in standard sizes, some are adjustable while others are not. You should purchase an adjustable one. Besides, ensure the Hi Vis Jacket doesn’t have unnecessary straps that may be intertwined in machines and put you at risk of injuries via entanglement.

You shouldn’t overlook mobility as you choose these garments. If you work in an environment where you are expected to move or stretch, ensure the clothing is comfortable for such movements.

Choose a Garment Made from the Right Material

High visibility clothing that is worn during the day or in light is different from one that is used in a poorly-lit environment. Therefore, you should choose one made of material that suits the environment you work in.

Hi Vis Fleece Jacket

Purchase a Your Product from a Respected Company

An item is as good as the reputation of the manufacturer. Go for a Hi Vis Fleece Jacket from a company that people appreciate. Such an item can serve you for a long time without getting damaged provided you take good care of it.

What Are the Specifics Benefits of High Visibility Clothing?

High visibility Clothing is usually mandatory in certain professions and environments. How useful or important are they? Here are the aspects that you should understand:

They Make Work Environments Safer for Those Involved

The safety of a work environment should be a priority for all organizations. When employees feel safe, they work harder. Their productivity increases and the business can move to the next level. An unsafe environment can demotivate workers and negatively affect their productivity.

A company that has heavy and moving machines should provide high visibility clothing for employees. That way, those who are operating these machines can always notice those who are around. Consequently, chances of fatal accidents at workplaces are reduced.

You Can Easily Notice People/Employees

The efficiency of some professionals depends on the ability of those they direct to notice them. Take an example of traffic police. Drivers should see them so that they can follow their instructions. The same applies in the case of parking attendants.

Makes Identification of Employees Easy

Some companies have many employees within their ranks. It might be difficult to differentiate the employees from unauthorized personnel if none has a Hi Vis Jacket. With the clothing, a visitor can easily identify staff at the company.

Fosters a Sense of Professionalism

Humans work with perception. If one operates like a professional, people see them as one. If a company’s employees wear high visibility clothing, people see them as professionals that they can rely on when they need the commodities they offer. People are likely to trust a company that gives its employees appropriate gear when they are offering services to clients.

How Should You Take Care of Your High Visibility Clothing?

The items are designed to last for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean they are never damaged. At a personal level, you need to increase the longevity of your Hi Vis Work Jacket by taking good care of it. What are the specific care tips that you should know?

Wear It for Appropriate Weather Conditions

The materials used to make these items are designed for specific weather conditions. For instance, one meant for rainy conditions is resistant to damages caused by moisture. Summer clothing can be used in sunny conditions. You should ensure that you use the clothing in an environment that suits it.

Follow the Right Procedure When Washing It

While it may be possible to wash your Hi Vis Fleece Jacket using a machine, the same may not be possible for other clothing items. Improper washing may damage your clothing.

Adjust the Clothing Properly

Most of these items are in standard sizes. However, you can adjust them to fit your body size and shape. You should adjust yours such that it is not too tight. Otherwise, you may damage it as you move around. The point here is to ensure that the high visibility clothing serves you for as long as possible.