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What Are the Benefits of Lined gloves?

by Reports Yell on March 15, 2022

Finding the right work equipment is essential in order to ensure you are comfortable and safe at work. Not only does this improve productivity, but it also helps reduce the risk of accidents and keep all employees safe. Work clothes can range from hi-vis vests to cut resistant gloves, so why should you consider wearing lined gloves at work?

Depending on the industry, they may be a vital piece of personal protective equipment. Here are the benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Lined gloves?

Protective clothing prevents hand injuries

In many industries, our hands are a vital tool needed to complete daily tasks. Gaining an injury to your hands such as punctures, cuts or even loss of fingers, will bring your work to a halt. Depending on the severity of the injury, you could be out of work for months, meaning you miss out on a large chunk of your salary. Even with a minor injury, you may not be able to work for a few weeks or it could take months to fully heal. Cut-resistant gloves give you an added layer of protection against sharp tools and machinery.

Provides protection against heat and sparks

If you work with machinery that is a source of heat or sparks, it’s important to protect your hands. Lined gloves can give you thermal protection against these dangers and ensure you can complete your job safely.

 Lined gloves

Warmth during winter

While any glove can keep your hands warm, buying quality, lined, work gloves help make sure they are designed for the task you need to complete while still giving you protection against the elements. You may also opt for a weatherproof lined glove that will keep your hands dry and warm all day.

If you need quality lined gloves such as thermal protection gloves or cut-resistant gloves, get in touch with PPE Supplies Direct today, we’re happy to help you find the right personal protective equipment to suit your work environment. We also offer a range of work clothes designed to keep you safe.