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Three Environments Where Disposable PPE is Important

by Reports Yell on February 08, 2022

Disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) workwear is designed to be used only once. Disposable PPE in particular is necessary for certain instances for avoiding cross-contamination, protecting skin and avoiding contact with substances. This makes disposable PPE a highly beneficial option for those working in certain work environments.

Here, we’ll talk about three work environments where disposable PPE workwear is required.

1. Disposable PPE Helps To Protect Medical Staff

In medical situations, disposable PPE helps to protect medical staff against the transmission of infections, limit the spread of germs and maintain a high standard of hygiene. Disposable items such as disposable gloves, face coverings and safety shields help to block the transmission of infections passing from one person to another. They also help to protect staff and patients in situations where they are in contact with blood and bodily fluids.

The reason why disposable PPE works so well for medical situations is that the items are disposed of once used, meaning there is no need for potentially contaminated items to be washed. During the pandemic, this type of PPE has been used widely to reduce the spread and offer protection against Covid-19.

The most commonly used disposable PPE for medical professionals includes disposable gloves, face coverings and safety shields.

Disposable PPE Helps To Protect Medical Staff

2.  Tattooists and Beauty Professionals

For tattoo artists, body piercers and beauty professionals, disposable personal protective equipment help to keep the working environment sanitary and safe.

For tattoo artists, disposable gloves, aprons and face masks are worn to prevent cross-contamination and risk of infections since the work involves close contact with the client's skin.

For both tattoo artists and beauty professionals, the work requires face-to-face contact, therefore disposable masks and face safety shields can be worn to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

3.  Professions That Require Working With Chemicals

For professionals that work with chemicals such as chemical engineers, disposable protective equipment helps to protect the body against harmful chemicals and substances. In this instance, disposable PPE is required for the whole body to ensure total protection, therefore items such as disposable coveralls and overshoes are worn.

Disposable PPE is crucial for many industries, just some of which we have mentioned in this blog. If you’re looking for PPE protection for your workplace, look no further than PPE equipment!

For professionals that work with chemicals