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The Humble Polo Shirt – The Ultimate Guide!

by eBusiness UK Ltd on September 30, 2021

The classic polo shirt is something that we all recognise – a woven short sleeved top with a collar and three buttons below the neckline. It is used by a staggering number of companies, from shops, plumbers, pubs and breweries – it is an ideal uniform staple. Mens work polo shirts are the most versatile item of clothing, and we are going to take a quick look at why they are becoming so popular.

Mens work polo shirts

When you are looking to buy polo shirts for your business, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Does it fit with your brand image? The uniform that you choose for your staff should reinforce the image that you want your brand to uphold. Whilst polo shirts are very versatile, there may be some occasions where they are slightly too casual. You also need to take into consideration colours, fabrics and if you want your polo shirts with your logo embroidered.
  • Will it be comfortable for your employees? You need to make sure that the uniform you choose will be comfortable for every employee. Luckily, polo shirts are available in mens, women’s and unisex style which is one of the big appeals of this item of clothing.
  • Are they suitable for purpose? You need to make sure that the polo shirt will be suitable for the work environment, and if it will be safe enough if using it as an only layer.

Embroidered polo shirts in the UK

You will also need to think carefully about knits and fabrics to make sure you are investing in the right look for your business.

There are two types of knits to consider – pique and jersey knit. Pique knit is the most common and offers an open, textured weave that gives slight weight to the fabric and allows good airflow. Jersey knit is a more closed, smooth texture that is slightly stretchy and is generally lightweight with a feel similar to that of a t-shirt.

There are also 3 types of fabric to consider when choosing which polo shirt is the best for you – cotton, polyester and mixed. Cotton is a soft and comfortable fabric that is a close fit to the body. As cotton is naturally dyed, this can eventually fade, and you may see slight shrinkage after washing. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is knitted together to create a fabric that does not shrink, crease or fade. Polyester polo shirts also contain properties that help to keep your body cool by drawing moisture away. Mixed cotton and polyester fabric is the most popular option and means that you get the best of both worlds. Polycotton is both durable and soft and will not shrink or fade. It is personal preference which one you choose, however polycotton is the best fabric if you are looking to personalise your polo shirts with an embroidered logo.

Embroidered polo shirts in the UK

What are the Advantages of mens work polo shirts?

  1. Breathable for warm weather – the polo shirt is ideal for hot summer months when you still need to look professional. The fabric is breathable and will help you stay cool whether you are working in an office or working outdoors.
  2. Many different colours – There are so many colours and patterns available with polo shirts! You can make your uniform vision come to life or mix and match for a more relaxed office vibe. You can also personalise your embroidered polo shirts in the UK to really give a professional look to your uniform.
  3. Both casual and formal – polo shirts are one of the only business items that can be both casual and formal, they are a great in-between image. Easy to mix and match with other work clothes, polo shirts are an excellent way to give your staff a more polished and professional look whilst still being comfortable.
  4. Not expensive – polo shirts are renowned for being one of the most cost effective items of work clothing around. You don’t need to break the budget with options such as bulk buy discounts, so you can kit out all of your staff and make sure you all look uniform and professional.
  5. Flexibility – as mentioned, polo shirts really are one of the most versatile items of clothing! We have options for men, women and unisex shirts and have a wide range of sizes and colours to make sure that there is something to suit everyone.

Branded Polo shirts

One of the biggest advantages when looking for mens work polo shirts is that you have the option to have them personalised to make your company stand out. Here at PPE Supplies Direct, we can customise your polo shirt with your company logo, name and details using vinyl, DTG, embroidery or solvent print. You will have a dedicated team to help you through the process from start to finish, as well as honest advice and guidance.

Polo shirts with your logo embroidered

What are the benefits of polo shirts with your logo embroidered?

You might be wondering why investing in embroidered polo shirts in the UK is a good idea, so we have put together a list to show you how positively branded polo shirts can impact your business.

  1. Brand awareness – branded polo shirts are a great form of marketing that is often overlooked. If you kit your staff out with a polo shirt that has your company name, logo and contact details then potential customers and clients will easily be able to spot you and your company when you are working off site. It is a brilliant advertising technique and means that new customers won’t forget your name easily, or stumble across competitors when they are trying to search for you on the internet!
  2. Professional – By having staff in matching polo shirts, it creates a professional and unified look for your business. First impressions are everything, and the polo shirt’s overall style of a collar and cuffed sleeves looks smart and professional. If you have a team that shows up looking polished and matching, then customers are more likely to remember you.
  3. Versatile – The polo shirt can look good when paired with anything, from smart trousers, to work cargo pants and even with skirts! They can be dressed up or down and used all year round, so you have a professional looking team whatever the weather or occasion.
  4. Security - By having your company name and logo on a polo shirt, you can easily identify who works for the company and who doesn’t. This is especially important when working on site, where you can quickly identify who should be there and who shouldn’t. 
  5. Creating a team – having branded polo shirts is a fantastic way of creating a positive environment for your work force. By wearing the company logo it fosters the idea that staff are all in this together and they need to work as an effective team.
  6. Cost effective – There is a wide range of quality printed polo shirts at a reasonable price for you to choose from, and there are often discounts when you buy in bulk for all of your staff. The return on investment is fantastic as your staff essentially turn into walking business cards and advertisements, and so your company name and values will reach more people without you even realising.