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Protect Your Knees on the Job to Avoid Arthritis and Joint Damage

by eBusiness UK Ltd Collaborator on May 14, 2021

As retirement age increases in the UK, our knees need to last even longer to ensure that we’re able to carry out our work effectively, without experiencing any deterioration or long-term pain. Whilst there are plenty of lifestyle choices you can make to ensure better joint health, it’s also essential that you take proactive steps at work to prevent injury as a result of your job. It’s so easy to shield your knees from damage and relieve some of the pressure that is put on them during the working day. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to care for your joints, starting with investing in cost-effective knee protection gear.

Why You Need To Protect Your Knees

The knee joint is subjected to a constant low level of damage as we go about our daily lives, and the body repairs these minor injuries without experiencing any symptoms, which allows us to function. However, if a person has joint damage or a condition such as osteoarthritis, then the protective cartilage around the knee deteriorates. This can result in pain, swelling and even abnormal bone growth. You’re more at risk of developing joint related problems if you’re obese, as the extra weight puts additional pressure on your knees. Age is a common factor too, particularly if you’re over 45 years old. However, one of the main causes for knee problems is if you’ve overused your joint and not given it enough time to heal from previous damage. This can happen when you rely on your knees everyday in your working life, particularly if you tend to kneel a lot throughout your shift. Luckily, there are a variety of quality knee protection products in the market that you can use to relieve pressure on the knees and ensure that your joints remain healthy well into the future. 

Giving Up Work Early 

Without knee protection, the pain and other side effects associated with arthritis and joint damage can be so severe that it is necessary to give up your work, or at least change occupation so that your knees are under less pressure. Arthritis Research UK reveals that approximately 40% of rheumatoid arthritis patients lose their job within 5 years, with 75% of this category ceasing to work due to their symptoms. As well as causing significant health and financial worries to the individual employee, this also places a burden on employers too who lose millions of working days and lost productivity due to arthritic employees experiencing a flare-up. 

As part of each industry’s specific health and safety regulations, it is necessary for all employers to carry out regular risk assessments to ensure that employees are protected from any risk of injury on the job. Those who work in professions such as plumbing, carpeting, IT cabling, or childcare professions may find that they spend much of the working day reliant on their knees to support their frame. 

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide adequate knee protection products to relieve any perceived pressure to the joints, but equally the employee must be held accountable for committing to using the supplied knee protective gear. 

Types of PPE Knee Protection 

Knee pad protects offer the ultimate cushion when kneeling to the ground. These can be used as a preventative strategy if you’re in a job where injury to the knees might be deemed high-risk. Or else, if you’re already experiencing knee pain, then you should gain relief when using quality knee pads to protect between the joint and the surface you’re in contact with. 

Some knee pads are used as a mat to rest your knees and lower legs on as you work. Others are attached to the knee, either over or beneath the clothing. Those that are designed to fit underneath are worn in combination with specialist trousers containing pockets where your gel pads sit. They do not restrict the wearer with any type of movement, including walking. 

Here are some of the most popular types of knee protection equipment on the market:  

High Density Knee Pads 

this piece of PPE kit, priced from £4.79, is ideal if you work in wet environments as the ribbed design prevents water from permeating through to your skin. Additionally, the surface offers excellent stability so there’s no worry about slipping. Your knee will be entirely protected by the strong density polyurethane material, providing an excellent cushion for your joint. 

Portwest Ultra Knee Pad

if you work in high temperatures, then this personal protective gear is ideal due to its flexibility even when hot. As part of the Portwest brand, the ultra knee pad is created using neoprene which also offers absorbent properties. This kit is priced from £4.03 per pair.

Super Gel Filled Knee Pads

a quality choice of knee protection exists in these silicone gel-filled knee pads, which are a high-end investment starting from £12.19 per pair. The clever design combines a strong outer shell to protect your knees from penetrating damage such as sharp objects, whilst the inner shell acts as a cushion for your delicate joints. The ergonomic straps at the back of the pads ensure that there is no skin pinching, which provides maximum comfort throughout the working day. 

PPE Supplies Direct is pleased to stock all of these knee protection products, along with a variety of other options for you to browse through. Our PPE gear is CE certified and therefore compliant with strict industry regulations, so you can be assured that you’re buying the best quality of knee protective gear.

If you have any queries at all about our product range or wish to place an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of friendly and professional customer service advisors today!