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Is Hand Sanitiser the Only Way to Keep Your Environment Sterile?

by Reports Yell on February 03, 2022

It is important to ensure that your environment is safe and sterile. One of the easiest ways to do this is regularly sanitising using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Here are a couple of other ways to maintain a safe, clean work environment for yourself and others.

Wear face coverings, disposable overalls, and other PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is any clothing that will protect you against various hazardous conditions, such as chemicals, viruses, or dust particles. Protective clothing includes goggles, hi-vis clothing, face coverings, and disposable PPE such as gloves and overalls.

PPE is vitally important, as it prepares you for health and safety hazards and provides extra protection in the event of an incident or close contact with someone who has Covid-19. Therefore, it can go a long way to ensure your workplace and everyone on-site remains safe.

Disinfect surfaces using commercial cleaning supplies

Every surface should be cleaned regularly, but anything that is frequently touched - especially if it's touched by lots of people - will need cleaning even more frequently than normal.

If a surface is dirty, you should clean it with soap and warm water first of all. You should then use a disinfectant product with an appropriate alcohol percentage. Disinfectants should meet British and/or European standards - check the label for a code that looks like this: ‘EN1275’ or ‘BS EN 1276’.

Many cleaning products need to stay on surfaces for several minutes in order to be effective. Always read the directions to make sure you’re using the products as recommended and to avoid damage.

Quality Covid-19 Protection from PPE Supplies Direct

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