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How to Stay Safe at Work: From PPE Clothing to Safety Training

by Reports Yell on February 08, 2022

Whatever your job may be, it’s vital you do what you can to keep yourself safe at work. If you’re a site manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe for all employees to come to work and feel like they are protected from harm.

Here are our tips on staying safe in the workplace.

How to Stay Safe at Work: From PPE Clothing to Safety Training


Personal protective equipment is important for all types of work environments. Whether this means wearing masks to protect yourself from bacteria and viruses, or the correct grade respirator to protect you from aerosols and fine dust.

Wear Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Hi vis jackets and safety vests are designed to make sure you and your staff are seen on site. If you work somewhere in low-light conditions or at night, they ensure each person stands out and will not be put in danger by vehicles or heavy machinery.

Conduct Regular Safety Training

Safety training should be conducted regularly in all work environments from restaurants to warehouses. All employees need to be trained to do their job safely as well as understand the various procedures for fire and emergency situations.

PPE Clothing

Put Up Safety Signs on Site

Safety signs should be used to indicate things such as fire exits, first-aid, chemicals and no entry, for example. These will help show everyone on site what they need to be aware of to keep themselves safe.

Use Commercial Cleaning Supplies

When it comes down to cleaning commercial workplaces, strong cleaning supplies should be used safely to eradicate bacteria or viruses, among other things. Cleaners and staff should be trained in using these so that no accidents can occur.

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