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How to Select Your Boots for Work - What You Should Know

by eBusiness UK Ltd on June 10, 2021

Depending on where you work, your feet face different risks. For instance, you can step in spilled corrosive chemicals. Such an occurrence can result in serious injuries. Moreover, your feet could be at risk of being hit by falling debris, stepping on sharp objects or simply standing in the wet; You should make foot protection high priority. The comfort and protection of your feet is paramount to ensure you and your workforce maintain the highest level of productivity.

Why Are Boots Important for You?

When people think about work PPE, they always remember items such as gloves and Hi-Vis apparel but they often forget about footwear. What is the importance of investing in the right boots for work? Here are the benefits that you should consider:

You Are Protected from Falling and Flying Materials

Work environments are different and have varying levels of risk. For example, it may be a construction site where you must carry different materials. Some are bound to fall occasionally, and you could receive a serious toe injury if you are not wearing Steel toe Capped Boots.

Why Are Boots Important for You?

Prevents Serious Punctures from Sharp Objects

Workplaces can be dangerous, and you are always at risk of stepping on something sharp, the right workwear boot will minimise the damage done, reducing the need for work downtime and medical intervention. Look for something like the Rockfall Titanium Boot, its highly robust and developed with specialist durability materials including FORCE10® components, an Activ-Tex® waterproof membrane, IMPACT SHIELD™ and R-TEN™ thread. It features a no. 8 YKK side zip for convenience.

They Reduce the Severity of Cutting Hazards

Most workplaces have equipment with sharp moving parts. Your feet may accidentally encounter these. The Rockfall Chatsworth boot is a class 3 electrical hazard chainsaw boot developed with speciality materials that are certified to withstand chain speeds of 63mph and electrical risks of 18KV

Protects You from Electrocutions

Although electric energy makes every aspect of our lives easier, it also poses risks, particularly in the workplace. Wearing electrostatic dissipative footwear that have no metal in them can protect you from electric shocks. Choose something like The Rockfall Arc with its specialist durability materials that are certified to withstand electrical risks of 18KV.

Ensures You Don’t Slip, Trip, Or Fall as You Work

Common accidents that happen at workplaces include slipping and falling. They can lead to serious injuries. The Rockfall Wellington have anti-slip characteristics and ensure you are always safe even in slippery work environments. Their traction ensures you do not fall from high places when using a ladder.

Reduces Your Level of Tiredness as You Work

You may be required to stand for long periods. If you are standing on hard surfaces such as concrete, your muscles are negatively affected. You may suffer with muscle tiredness or even musculoskeletal complications; help prevent this but wearing a boot such as The Rockfall Bantam with its anti-fatigue comfort footbed.

Protects You from Burns as You Work

Fires and chemical spills are always a high-risk occurrence in the workplace. Using a heat resistant outsole can prevent burns and allow you to move through an affected area without fear of injury to your feet. The Helios boot is certified to withstand molten splashes. But has a breathable footbed.

How to Select Your Boots for Work - What You Should Know

Protection from Hazardous Weather Conditions

Exposing your feet to extreme cold can be devastating, even working outside during winter can cause chilblains, wearing a boot such as The Alaska boot which is certified in temperatures as low as -40 °C and includes 3M Thinsulate B600 Ultra, Fursulate fur lining and a shock absorbing solid nitrile rubber outsole can not only protect your feet, but keep your whole body warm!

How Do You Select the Right Boots for Work?

Here are some factors that you should take into consideration when choosing this essential item of PPE.

Understand the Work Hazard That You Are Exposed To

Work safety wellington boots should protect you from a wide range of risks at work. What are the specific risks that you may be exposed to? They may include:

  • Burns from corrosive chemicals.
  • Cuts from sharp objects
  • Impact of falling and flying objects.
  • Burns from hot
  • Musculoskeletal fatigue

Choose Work Boots of the Right Size

You want to feel comfortable as you work. Therefore, you need to ensure that the boots you choose fit correctly and are of a weight that is comfortable. Oversize boots may affect your balance causing you to slip or fall when you wear them. Under-sized boots may restrict your movement or make you susceptible to foot conditions.

Which boots are likely to offer the most comfort to you? Try to buy boots made from leather. After you wear them for a while, they will mould to the shape of your feet.

Select Boots That Are Waterproof for the Best Results

Select Boots That Are Waterproof for the Best Results

Walking with waterlogged boots freezes your toes. This is both uncomfortable and hazardous. buying waterproof boots, with insulated soles, will allow you to work in snowy conditions without feeling cold.