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How to Select Safety Boots for Work ?

by eBusiness UK Ltd on August 09, 2021

Regardless of where you work, you shouldn’t take your safety for granted. A simple knock can lead to a serious injury if you don’t have the right PPE. Our Portwest Safety Boots can protect your feet properly. The boots can help in different work environments including areas like construction sites and warehouses.

How to Select Safety Boots for Work ?

How Important Are Safety Boots?

Well, first of all, they protect you from injuries that are mainly a result of falling or dropped items. Their traction offers improved grip and balance that prevents you from slipping, tripping and falling. With their waterproof qualities, you can work with them in wet conditions while your feet remain dry.

During winter, the temperatures may be uncomfortably low. If any skin is exposed, it’s easy to catch a cold (or worse), so you need footwear that can keep you warm. Most of our boots have insulation layers that help to keep you warm, along with heightened rims which help to cover parts of your ankles which other boots would not reach.

It seems a strange concern, but if you work around new house builds, you also need to prepare yourself for exposure to naked electrical wires. With improper footwear, you increase your chances of being electrocuted. Therefore, you need the right boots if you want to enhance your safety. The rubber soles will certainly assist you in this regard.

Choosing the Best Safety Boots?

Foot measurements (length, width, and breadth) vary from one individual to the next. Boots that are perfect for one individual may not suit you. Moreover, boots are designed for different work environments. So what should guide you as you select safety boots?

Choosing the Best Safety Boots?

Safety Characteristics of the Boots

You purchase the right footwear to help you navigate through the hazards at your workplace. It’s important to check the pair of work boots you intend to purchase and make sure they can offer the level of protection you need. Never overlook the following:

  • Toe caps

If you work at a construction site or an environment with heavy items, your feet (mainly your toes) are at risk. Any experienced construction worker will tell you that you should purchase footwear that can protect your feet! Any falling objects can seriously damage your toes and your feet. With damaged toes, you’ll not only be unable to work for a period of time, but your entire balance will be thrown off.

To enhance the safety of your toes, the boots have toe enforcements that are made from different materials including titanium and other alloy metals. You choose your preferred option but steel toe cap boots tend to be ideal for construction workers.

  • Metatarsal guards

Flying objects can hit and injure your upper foot areas. The bones in your metatarsal can easily break if you don’t protect them well. Choose boots that ensure this region of your foot is safe.

  • Electrical hazards

If you work in a factory that uses electricity, you may suffer an electric shock if you aren’t careful! For instance, you may accidentally step on a naked live wire. You need footwear that can protect you from this.

Portwest Safety Boots are great for those who work in areas where they are exposed to electrical hazards. The soles and heels are combined without a conducting material. Moreover, they can withstand more than 13,000 volts of electricity.

  • Anti-slip characteristics

Tripping and slipping can lead to serious injuries. Therefore, you should ensure that the boots you purchase are slip-resistant. Fortunately, Portwest Safety Boots can help with this, with their superior grip and balance technology.

Safety Characteristics of the Boots

Analyse the Nature of Your Work Environment

You should confirm the boots you purchase are suitable for the work environment. What are the specific workplaces you should purchase boots for? Here are a few examples:

  • Farm work

As a farmer, you stand or walk for long periods. The environment you operate in is muddy, cold, and wet. Your tools can also hurt you if they’re dropped on your feet. You need a boot that is made from strong materials, is waterproof, and has excellent insulation properties.

  • Fishing

The work environment is wet. However, you should still be comfortable as you work. Waterproof work boots come in handy in such instances.

  • Construction sites

In these areas, you deal with heavy objects and machinery. The items can damage your feet if you don’t protect them. Check the toe guards before you purchase boots for such an environment. Get the work boots that are perfect for you. 

  • Laboratories

In such spaces, you deal with chemicals including acids. You may suffer burns when you step on the chemicals with improper footwear. Purchase anti-corrosion boots for such workplaces.

The Durability of your Work Boots

Let’s say you purchase some Custom Embroidered WorkwearWell, you don’t want an item that you need to replace after a few days because of damages and wear-and-tear. The same applies when you are purchasing your work boots! First, you may not have money to purchase boots every month. You also don’t have time to search for the right boots from one store to the next!

You should assess the boots you intend to purchase carefully. Ensure they’re made from strong materials that can withstand the conditions at your workplace. When you’re able to use your work boots for a long time, you feel like you got the value you deserved!

Top Tips on How to Handle Your Work Boots

Your Comfort Is an Important Aspect

When you feel comfortable, it’s easier to work. Your workwear influences the level of comfort you experience day to day. The boots come in different sizes, so you should make sure you get the right size upon ordering.

Cost of the Boot You Intend to Purchase

Prices of the boots vary from one store to another. You can compare the rates offered by different sellers, but consider purchasing these boots from us here at PPE Supplies Direct. We have industry competitive prices and we offer attractive discounts to buyers regularly so you don’t have to compromise on quality as you focus on price.

Top Tips on How to Handle Your Work Boots

Now that you already have your boots, you need to think about how to work with them. For instance, you should be comfortable when you wear them. Moreover, you should take good care of your boots so that they can serve you for a long time. So how do you best look after your boots?

  • Use the right socks

Some people wear boots without socks, but that isn’t a good practice, as you make it easy to damage the internal parts of the workwear - not to mention your feet! Woolen socks enhance insulation and keep you warm during winter.

  • Keep your boots dry

After a long day at work, don’t store your boots when wet. Give them time to dry. Put them outside if it’s warm enough to dry them off. Alternatively, place them on a radiator.

  • Clean your boots regularly

If there is any mud in your boots, remove it. Proper boot maintenance increases the longevity of the product.