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How to Select a Good Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

by eBusiness UK Ltd Collaborator on June 10, 2021

The market has a wide variety of high visibility jackets. The jackets are not just for construction workers. If you want to walk your dog at night or are a cyclist, it is recommended that you use Hi Vis Jackets. They improve your safety.

Do you work or walk around places experiencing heavy downpours? If yes, you need to stay visible and warm. An excellent Hi Vis Jacket can keep you warm and dry. It is important to understand these items so that you can purchase appropriate pieces for the task in question.

What Is the Origin of Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets? 

It was the military that first used the Hi Vis items. The apparel was for easy identification. Different units wore different coloured attires. However, things have changed in the military, and the personnel wear uniforms that help them to camouflage.

Other professions have now taken over the use of the Hi Vis hoodie to enhance their safety as they work. The hazardous work environments where you are likely to encounter high visibility apparel include:

  • Construction sites
  • Traffic control personnel
  • Ground operators in airports
  • Emergency service personnel such as firefighters
What Is the Origin of Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets?

Why Are High Visibility Jackets Important? 

From the way the apparel is designed, you can see it is meant for those who operate in areas where they need to be seen.  The jackets are a way of informing people that you are around. They are also essential in workplaces with fast-moving machines such as construction sites.

The reflective fabrics enhance visibility even in poorly lit areas. When light hits the body of a person wearing these clothing items, the jackets reflect it. When you look in the direction of the wearer, you can immediately tell that someone is there. How important are these jackets?

They Reduce the Chances of Accidents

Construction workers are around machines, operators sometimes struggle to see them, it is then easy for accidents to occur. However, the high visibility jackets can enable them to acknowledge your presence. Therefore, the clothing reduces accidents in such cases.

Parking attendants and traffic personnel are always dealing with automobiles. They need to be seen so that they are not knocked / run over. High-visibility jackets are important in such situations.

Keep People Warm as They Work in Different Environments

Winter temperatures can at times drop to unbearable levels. It is easy to suffer from medical complications such as hypothermia if you do not wear the right clothing. Alternatively, you may have to avoid work until a time when the weather is more favourable. But of course, that negatively affects your productivity.

However, you can always stay warm when you use a Portwest Waterproof Jacket. Moreover, its waterproof quality enables you to work even when it is raining. You can always stay warm and dry in such conditions. When you are sure that you are safe, your level of productivity improves.

Why Are High Visibility Jackets Important?

Easy Identification of Company Workers

Some workplaces have many employees. At times, it may be difficult to differentiate one person from another. However, companies can always purchase high visibility jackets of different colours. It becomes easy to identify the company workers with these jackets.

How Do You Choose a Good Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket? 

You are likely to encounter many brands of high-visibility jackets. However, some may not serve their purpose effectively. How do you ensure that you choose the right waterproof jacket? Here are important tips that can guide you:

Determine the Jacket Type That Works for You

Waterproof high visibility jackets come in 3 types depending on their visibility. You should understand what you need before you purchase your piece. What are the 3 types of Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets that you should know?

  • Class 1: The apparels in this class offer the lowest level of visibility. They are ideal for people who operate in off-road environments. Therefore, you should not use them in high-risk areas.
  • Class 2: When you need moderately visible apparel, this is the one to go for. They are suitable for roads or workplaces with low traffic.
  • Class 3: The protection items are the most visible. If you work in a dangerous place, you should purchase jackets in this class.

Ensure It Suits Your Work Environment

You do not want to purchase a waterproof jacket only to notice it does not suit you at a later stage. It leaves you feeling like you have wasted your money. Therefore, you should choose these items cautiously.

As said before if you work at a construction site, you should be aware that the work environment has heavy machines. The equipment they use often has sharp moving parts. If the operator does not see you as you work around them, it is easy to sustain serious injuries when these machines hit you. In such cases, you need class 1 visibility jackets.

Do you work in a cold environment? If you do, you need a heavy jacket that can keep you warm for the period you discharge your duties. Cyclists are involved in physical activities that generate heat and need light jackets. However, you should ensure that your apparel is breathable.

Consider Your Waterproof Jacket Budget

High-quality high visibility clothing items are usually expensive. Therefore, you need to have an elaborate plan in place before you purchase one. Identify the item you need and begin saving for it. When you have enough money, you can buy a Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket that suits you.

You should not buy them from any random store, you should check the prices in different ventures. If there is one that offers attractive discounts, you should consider purchasing the item there. Ensure you get value for the money you spend.

How Do You Choose a Good Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket?

The durability of the Jacket in Question

If you use your high-visibility jacket daily, it should serve you for at least 6 months. However, mediocre brands may end up disappointing you. For instance, some may only last a month or even less before getting damaged. Such an eventuality leaves you feeling like you have wasted your money.

You should assess the material that is used to make the jacket you intend to purchase. If you doubt its durability, you should avoid it. Fabrics coated with Polyurethane are known to be reliable. The other areas of the jacket that determines its durability include the strength of the zippers and the ability of the jacket to resist abrasion.

The Level of Insulation the Jacket Offers

A Portwest Waterproof Jacket should keep you warm at all times. Cotton is known to be a good insulator. A jacket that is made from this material can protect you from cold. You should purchase a jacket depending on the amount of warmth and protection you need as you work.