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How Do Respirators Keep You Safe?

by Reports Yell on February 08, 2022

No matter what environment you work in, fine dust, aerosols, viruses and bacteria are almost invisible in the air we breathe and pose a risk to our health. Viruses and bacteria can even enter our bodies completely undetected, so it’s vital you wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as respirators.

You can’t see exactly how respirators are keeping you safe, but in this blog, we’ll explain how they work and how important they are for your health.

How Do Respirators Keep You Safe?

Respirators Provides Protection From hazardous Fumes, Dust and Smoke

Respirators can protect you from many different things that may present a risk to you in the workplace such as oily aerosols, smoke, fine dust, viruses and bacteria. Respirators’ protective function is standardised across Europe and is graded by three classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 mask. You’ll need to get the type of respirator checked and ensured through a risk assessment.

Better PPE Than a Safety Visor

Safety visors are great in some environments, however, in workplaces where you are handling chemicals, toxins or dust, respirators are much more effective. In the event of a chemical or infection outbreak, respirators allow you to continue working or exit the premises without experiencing any risk to your health. This is because you should be wearing a respirator suitable for your environment that is able to block any particles that are harmful to you.

FFP3 grade respirators

Using a Respirator You Are Less Likely to Develop a Respiratory Problem

Respirators are designed to handle tough environments and keep you safe. Chemicals, toxins, dust, smoke or aerosols may lead to respiratory problems in the future, particularly with repeated exposure. But FFP3 grade respirators filter at least 99% of particles, up to 30 times the respective occupational exposure limit. Therefore, you can carry on working knowing your body is protected.

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