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How do Hi-Vis Hoodies and Other Reflective Clothing work?

by Reports Yell on March 15, 2022

Reflective and hi-vis clothing is essential for many industries, from construction to airport ground workers, there are many ways these uniforms can help keep you safe. Whether you opt for a hi-vis coat or a hi-vis jacket, they will provide an added layer of protection to stay safe while working.

Here’s how hi-vis clothing works.

How do Hi-Vis Hoodies and Other Reflective Clothing work?

How does hi-vis protective clothing work?

Hi-vis clothing uses the sun's ultraviolet rays to react with the fluorescent colours on your clothing to create a glow that can be seen by others. While this isn’t as effective in low-light conditions, the material will also reflect other ultraviolet light sources such as car headlights and flood lamps.

Hi-visibility vests come in a range of colours such as yellow, orange, pink and green. However, the most effective colours for safety are yellow and orange. It is also dependent on your work environment, as for example, boat crew wear orange hi-vis coats because they are most visible against the blue or black colour of the sea.

Hi-vis coats, jackets and hoodies will have reflective strips that will glow at night when there is no ultraviolet lighting to reflect off the colour. This improves safety in low-light conditions and helps keep you safe even in complete darkness.

Which hi-vis PPE are available?

hi-vis PPE

Hi-vis clothing covers more than just vests, you can also find a range of clothing items designed to stand out in different environments. These include:

This means you can stay safe, comfortable and dry while at work.

If you’re looking for safe and effective PPE, look no further than PPE Supplies Direct. We have a great range of work uniforms and equipment designed to improve safety and comfort during the working day. With clothing designed to stand out in low-light conditions, our hi-vis workwear will keep you safe around the clock. Get in touch today to learn more about what we offer.