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Excellent Hi-Vis Waterproof Jackets: A Complete Guide

by eBusiness UK Ltd on August 09, 2021

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing, the weather may at times prevent you from doing the things you love. The same applies to construction workers or parking attendants. When it is raining or it’s too cold, you may not be able to perform your job properly. You need the right clothing.

Outdoor activities also come with other risks. For example, poor visibility makes it easy for machine operators and drivers to knock/injure you because they can’t see you. Your safety is an aspect of your role that you should never overlook. Fortunately, you can keep yourself warm and visible when you wear Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets!

Why Do You Need a High-Visibility Waterproof Jacket? 

You should always attend to your outdoor work activities without fail, but at times you may have to brave the weather, especially here in the UK where the weather is unpredictable all year round.

Why Do You Need a High-Visibility Waterproof Jacket?

How important are these jackets? 

  • They keep you warm

The temperatures may at times be uncomfortably low. For instance, you may find it hard to work during winter. The low temperatures may leave you susceptible to illnesses, or worse (i.e. hypothermia!). You need to protect yourself from these things.

Fortunately, you don’t need to struggle or stop your activities because of the cold. Most Hi Vis Jackets have a smooth inner lining. The purpose of the lining is to offer insulation. Therefore, it keeps you warm regardless of the external temperatures.

  • Make it easy for people to see you

As you work in an outdoor environment, you are exposed to many risks. If you work on a construction site, you may be hit by moving equipment. A vehicle can knock you down if the driver can’t see you. These types of eventualities can lead to serious injuries.

You need to keep yourself safe; and the best way to do so is to wear appropriate high-visibility clothing. With these jackets, you can work with the confidence that you will be seen when you need to be seen. Your safety matters, so make sure you make the most of our Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket and its reflective strips.

  • Keeps you dry

As you carry on with your outdoor activities, you are never sure about when it might rain, and nobody enjoys being soaked wet through for an entire shift at work! In some really bad cases, you may even need to stop work to allow the rain to die down. By the time you resume, you’ll have wasted a lot of time, which of course lowers your productivity levels.

Rain shouldn’t interrupt your activities anymore. Our jackets are waterproof, therefore, they keep you as dry as physically possible, ensuring that you can carry on with your outdoor activities without worry.

  • The jackets make you look stylish and professional

It’s not always ideal, but the truth of the matter is that people often judge you based on your appearance. If you stick to suitable workwear, you’ll always be recognised as a professional in the field. We here at PPE Supplies Direct have not only applied all of the relevant work requirements into our clothing pieces, but we have also chosen our products based on their aesthetic appeal.

With a Portwest Waterproof Jacket, you can look stylish, whilst still maintaining that professional edge.

Excellent Hi-Vis Waterproof Jackets: A Complete Guide

How Should You Select a Waterproof Jacket That Suits You? 

Some outdoor work environments can be a bit unpleasant. The rainy and windy conditions can leave you feeling uncomfortable. You need appropriate outdoor work gear to help you to cope with these conditions.

A Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket from PPE Supplies Direct should help you to deal with these conditions. With so many brands in the market, it may be difficult to select an item that suits you, so what are the factors that you should consider when selecting the jackets?

The Activity That Requires the Jacket in Question 

Before you purchase these jackets, you should understand what you need them for. What is good for mountain climbing may not be suitable for construction work. Consider your requirements carefully before you purchase a jacket.

The designers of these jackets make them with the activities of the target consumers in mind. A cycling jacket is made from lightweight material. That is to ensure the jackets don’t hamper your movements or weigh you down. The fabrics are also breathable to ensure the wearer is comfortable as they engage in physical activities.

Do you need a jacket for skiing? In this case, you should purchase one with strong fabrics. It is because the environment is demanding. For your weekend hiking trips, a light jacket may be the most suitable.

Settle on a Jacket Style That Suits You 

Many jacket styles are available. What you choose depends on the activity you are involved in and your preferences. What are the options you have?

  • Waterproof shells

Do you engage in outdoor activities in all weather conditions? If you do, you should definitely go for a Portwest Waterproof Jacket. It can help you during those weekend runs, mountaineering, and even skiing.

  • A 3 in 1 jacket

The outer shell of this jacket is waterproof. You can also detach the inner fleece from the outer one. The jacket is perfect for the unpredictable weather in the UK!

What are the different ways to wear this jacket? If you feel it is likely to rain but the weather is mild, you can wear the waterproof jacket alone. In dry and chilly conditions, you can insert the fleece too. To deal with rainy, windy, and cold conditions effectively, you should definitely wear the waterproof layer as well as the inner fleece.

  • Jackets for kids

If your children are adventurous and they like venturing into outdoor environments, you need to protect them against unfavourable weather conditions. Children’s waterproof jackets are appropriate for kids who love exploring the great outdoors! Your child can play outdoors without worrying about getting too cold and wet in the rainy UK conditions.

Excellent Hi-Vis Waterproof Jackets: A Complete Guide

Settle on the Specific Jacket Design Issues 

As you purchase your Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket, you should understand that they are available with different design aspects. What should you look at?

  • Hood

Ensure the hood on the jacket can protect your head. If you need those that can accommodate a hard hat or a helmet, they are also available. You can also purchase one with a detachable hood.

  • Pockets

You may need to carry some important items, and a backpack isn’t always an option, especially if you are using this jacket at work. Buying a jacket with plenty of pockets could be just the thing you need for those long hiking treks.

Buy a Jacket That Fits You Perfectly 

The jackets are available in different sizes. You should pick a Portwest Waterproof Jacket that fits your body size and shape. That way, it can serve you according to your requirements. Moreover, you can feel a little more confident wearing it!

Durability and Breathability of the Jacket 

The durability and breathability depends on the materials that are used to make the jacket. Ensure the jacket is strong enough to withstand the conditions in your work environment, yet are breathable, to keep you free from sweat as you work.