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Buying Executive Chef Trousers: Everything You Need to Know

by eBusiness UK Ltd on September 07, 2021

People do not always give their choice of trouser enough thought. While they are not always considered to be PPE, trousers are an important piece of technical apparel in the workplace and care should be taken when selecting the correct item of workwear for the job. Whether you need lightweight Hi Vis trousers so that your staff can be seen but stay comfortable in warmer weather, Men’s Orange Hi Vis trousers for use in a transport setting or Executive Chef Trousers for use in the heated environment of a demanding commercial kitchen, you need to make your selection carefully.

Clearly for a Chef, style is a matter of some importance. Lightweight Hi Vis trousers are not intended to project a sense of style, nor are Men’s Orange Hi Vis trousers. Such garments are entirely functional – they need to be comfortable and durable but beyond that they exist purely to ensure the people wearing them are easy to see in the work environment. In a kitchen however, while an Executive Chef’s trousers clearly need to be functional, they are also part of the image the restaurant wants to project.

Executive Chef Trousers

In terms of aesthetics a tradition of wearing checks or gingham designs in kitchens has evolved to the point that all you really need to decide is which colour you prefer. PPE Supplies Direct can offer executive trousers with large or small checks in a range of colours or in plain black. For your kitchen’s team to present as an organised unit, it makes sense to pick a uniform design and have each and every member of your team dressed to match.

Once a decision about the look you want for your kitchen has been made, just as with men’s orange hi vis trousers, lightweight hi vis trousers - or any other kind of workwear - everything else is about comfort, practicality and durability. The kitchen is a high pressure, high stress, high octane environment. A commercial kitchen is a crowded room full of fire, knives and hot metal. A professional chef has a lot of things to worry about. The last thing they need is the annoyance and distraction of a chafing waistband or a dragging hem line.

So you need to think carefully about fabrics and fit. Kitchens are hot and humid places – you probably don’t want too tight a fit – especially if the executive chef’s trousers are, like men’s orange Hi Vis trousers to be worn as “coveralls” over regular “street clothes”. PPE Supplies Direct can supply a variety of loosely fitting executive chef’s trousers in various designs which will allow your kitchen staff to move freely, protect their regular clothes and help them to keep cool.

If your executive chef trousers are not being worn over other clothes, a more form fitting cut might be in order – such a cut can certainly present a more stylish image if chefs are also going to be seen front-of-house. Comfort and practicality are still key however. While your executive chef might be spending some time front-of-house, it’s in the high pressure, high heat environment of your restaurant’s kitchen where your choice of leg-ware really comes into its own.

Lightweight Hi Vis Trousers

Because ease of movement is so crucial in the kitchen an elasticated waistband is advisable. So long as you have the correct size this type of waistband really does provide the greatest level of comfort for your executive chef’s trousers. It is obviously extremely important to ensure that you select the correct size for every staff member – a waistband that is too tight will never be comfortable after all. But seeing as our executive chef’s trousers come in all sizes from XS to XXL you should have no difficulty in meeting the needs of every single member of your kitchen staff.

Your executive chef’s trousers also need to be breathable for comfort, and if you go for a more form fitting cut an element of stretch in the fabric would also be desirable. Remember, in the intense heat of a commercial kitchen comfort and ease of movement are the most important considerations. There was a time when pure cotton was king, with man-made fibres being regarded as stiff, sweaty and extremely uncomfortable. Cotton is still an excellent choice – and one which many chefs continue to prefer. But modern advancements in man-made fibres mean that 100% cotton is now not the only sensible choice. These days there are many excellent fabric options that are either entirely synthetic or which contain a mix of natural and man made fibres.

These fabrics can offer better stretch, softness and breathability. These high performance fabrics can offer a greater degree of flexibility, coolness and comfort. In the high stress, high temperature environment of a modern commercial kitchen these more modern fabrics can be the ideal solution for executive chef’s trousers, allowing your kitchen staff to do their jobs in comfort however tough the kitchen gets.

So, while cotton remains a classic choice, fabrics containing an element of man made fibre are now a serious option. Such fabrics can also offer a boost in terms of durability and maintenance which is important because while comfort will always be a prime consideration when selecting any workwear – from lightweight hi vis trousers to protect the safety of staff in an outdoor environment, or executive chef’s trousers for the hard working men and women in the kitchen - if your staff are going to be wearing them in their working environment they will want their trousers  to be as comfortable as possible.

But while it is the key consideration, comfort is not the only aspect you need to consider when choosing your executive chef’s trousers or any other item of workwear/PPE. Just like mens orange hi vis trousers, lightweight hi vis trousers, hard hats, chef’s jackets and hi vis bibs executive chef’s trousers are to be worn at work. In the pressured environment of a professional kitchen the executive chef’s trousers you select will be exposed to high temperatures, hot oil, spitting fat, steam and any number of stains.

Durability and washability therefore are also vitally important as you choose your executive chef’s trousers. Fabrics that incorporate an element of man made fibres can be more stain resistant than pure cotton, and of course a darker trouser will make stubborn stains harder to see. Executive chef’s trousers are still likely to need more frequent laundering than workwear intended for outdoor use, such as lightweight hi vis trousers and for that reason you should consider not just whether the fabric of your chosen garment will withstand frequent washing, but also the quality of the stitching. Your kitchen staff have a lot of work to do, you do not want them having to deal with the irritation of a split seam. That is why we ensure that the executive chef’s trousers we supply are of the finest quality, and that they will perform for a long time.

Finally, the last thing you need to consider is price. When you choose work wear you are not looking for designer labels, you are looking for high quality at a low price. PPE Supplies Direct prides itself on offering the best quality in PPE and workwear at the lowest prices possible – making your choice just that little bit easier!