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Bodywarmer Benefits! What’s all the fuss about?

by eBusiness UK Ltd on September 30, 2021

During the cold months, it can become a hindrance to wear bulky jackets or fleeces especially when you are working on site! A reversible hi vis bodywarmer is the perfect way of keeping your arms free to move at work whilst keeping the cold out. An often overlooked item of workwear and PPE, we’ve gathered all the information about this fantastic piece of clothing to show you just how versatile it is!

What exactly is a body warmer?

Bodywarmers are basically sleeveless jackets that are there to provide extra warmth as the weather begins to get colder. They trap the warm air created by your body within the layers and push it back towards you, creating an extremely effective warm layer. They are designed to fit tightly to the body (so the warm air doesn’t escape!) and as they are sleeveless, they are much more practical when working on site as you are free to move your arms in a way you can’t with a work jacket. A reversible hi vis bodywarmer is essentially a hi vis vest with a zip and added padding so you don’t need to worry about site regulations – you will still be able to be seen on site even as the winter months close in!

Types of body warmers

There are many different styles and variations you can choose from, and we’ve put together a list of the most popular options. Before purchasing a body warmer for work, make sure you are following all the health and safety regulations.

Fleece lined

This is a bodywarmer that is made from fleece fabric and has a slim, tight fit. As fleece is a man made fibre that is warm and lightweight, it is ideal for keeping you warm without feeling bulky or heavy. Fleece is not waterproof but does have water resistant properties so can withstand light showers. Fleece is available in different weights so you can choose which will work best for when you are working on site.


This type of bodywarmer has a visibly quilted exterior, as well as insulated pockets on the outside. The air trapped in the quilted material helps to trap body heat extremely effectively even on the coldest days. It is ideal for those who have to spend prolonged periods of time outdoors who want to stay warm without a jumper or jacket.

Soft Shell

A soft shell bodywarmer is a woven fabric that provides a comfortable and warm outer layer. It offers more flexibility than a fleece or quilted bodywarmer, which is why it is a popular choice for workwear.

Hi vis

A hi vis bodywarmer is both practical and comfortable. It allows you to still stay fully visible when working on site, as well as warm and dry without restricting arm movements. A hi vis bodywarmer is an essential piece of PPE that allows you to keep safe and protected, as well as keeping you comfortable when wearing all day.


The best of both worlds! The reversible bodywarmer allows you to wear the hi vis when working in high traffic areas with the added bonus that you can reverse it when you are working at your desk or use it at the weekends for outdoor activities.

The Benefits of using reversible hi vis bodywarmers

Made with unique and practical features, bodywarmers really are a fantastically versatile piece of workwear clothing, and there are several important benefits to investing in one as the weather starts to turn colder:


Whilst you are working on site, there are many different activities and tasks that you need to take on throughout the day. You need to make sure that you have full range of movement in your arms and opting for a heavy coat might not work. Whilst coats are bulky and warm, they do not allow for ease of movement. A workwear bodywarmer is essentially a hi vis vest with pockets that is padded for warmth, meaning you will have flexibility to move your arms and complete on site tasks safely and comfortably.

Regulate temperature

Bodywarmers are an extremely effective lightweight layer of clothing that can help you cool down as you heat up, and trap heat to make sure that you don’t get too cold. The materials used to make bodywarmers are breathable and allow your body to easily regulate your temperature. Many also have special features for ventilation, and some bodywarmers even have heated pads for when it gets really cold!

Increase visibility

One of the main safety features of the reversible hi vis bodywarmer is that it is made from bright fabric and reflective tape. This means that you can stay safe when working on site by being visible in the day and at night (or in low lighting) which is often an essential regulation that people have to follow in certain work environments. Most hi vis jackets are big and bulky, and the body warmer is a padded and warm hi vis vest with a zip so you don’t have to feel weighed down when working.


A common and extremely handy feature of a bodywarmer is the number of pockets they tend to come with. As a professional who is working on site regularly, you need to make sure that you have your essential tools to hand at all times, as well as other items such as your phone, keys and wallet. Workwear bodywarmers are equipped with multiple pockets to ensure that you have a place for everything, and you won’t put anything down and forget where it is! Imagine if your hi vis vest with pockets was padded, warm and comfy? That’s what you can get if you invest in a workwear bodywarmer.


The reversible feature is a massive bonus for workwear bodywarmers. It means that you always have a hi vis safety option on hand and ready to use without having to wear it all day. The inside is normally fleece or soft shell to allow you to wear when working off site, in the office or on the weekends! You don’t have to worry about forgetting your hi vis vest or jacket, it is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

How to layer your bodywarmer at work

The main reason that a bodywarmer is appealing is that you can wear it without feeling bulky when working outdoors. If it is just starting to get colder outside, the best way to layer your bodywarmer is over the top of a long sleeved shirt (or a short sleeved polo shirt in the summer!). This ensures that your body is nice and warm but still allows you to carry out essential tasks and activities.

The beauty of a bodywarmer is that it can also be an additional layer for when the weather is extremely cold. You still wear the bottom t-shirt layer, but the bodywarmer can also act as a mid-layer under a winter coat or jacket when working on site. The temperature regulation properties will keep all the warm air in and act as added protection against the cold. A reversible hi vis bodywarmer is a great, versatile piece of clothing that can be used at any time of the year.