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A Mini Guide to Essential PPE Equipment

by Reports Yell on February 08, 2022

Personal protective equipment is essential in many workplaces for protection against health and safety risks such as cross-contamination, potentially harmful chemicals and physical injury. PPE equipment also helps to keep workplaces sanitary for those that require high standards of hygiene such as hospitals or beauty services.

In this short guide, we’ll talk about some of the most used PPE equipment and why they’re important.

Protective Mask

There are a number of different face masks that can protect against viruses, toxins and dust particles in the air. For example, medical face mask with exhalation valves protect against airborne particles, whereas face safety shields are worn for direct splash protection.

Protective Mask

PPE Gloves

Hand protection is key in several different work environments, from medical settings to construction. While work gloves help to protect your hands against injury, disposable gloves are ideal for practising good hygiene, safeguarding the health of yourself and others and shielding from potentially harmful chemicals.

Eye Protection

For those working in an environment where their eyesight could be at risk, high-quality eye protection is a must. Eye protection solutions such as safety goggles and glasses help to shield your eyes from any harmful substances coming into contact which could lead to long term damage. This also includes protection against injury from heat and radiation.

Ear Protection

Repeated exposure of loud sounds in workplaces can put hearing at risk of long term damage if not protected. Hearing protection solutions such as ear defenders and earplugs shield your ears from sound damage. With good ear protection, you can get a job done safer, and focus on the job at hand without damaging your hearing.

Ear Protection


Respirators are designed to protect against the inhalation of harmful air particles, from dust to airborne viruses. They can be used in several settings, from woodworking to the protection against viruses in healthcare settings.

Hi-vis Clothing

High visibility clothing is a practical personal protective equipment solution for staying safe in many workplaces because they help to make you more visible to others. Hi-vis work clothes, such as high visibility vests help to prevent accidents particularly in settings where you are working in dangerous environments for jobs such as roadside work or construction.

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High visibility clothing