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5 Reasons Why Everyone in Construction Should Wear High-Visibility Clothing

by Katerina Grigorenko on November 26, 2022

Construction workers are some of the most hard-working people in the world. We're not just talking about those with construction jobs, either; we mean everyone who works in the industry. Anyone who's ever had to get a new roof installed or build an addition to their home knows how much work goes into it. But even though this type of work is strenuous and demanding, there are still ways that it can be made safer for everyone involved: by wearing high-visibility clothing!

5 Reasons Why Everyone in Construction Should Wear High-Visibility Clothing

Don't Become a Traffic Statistic

At the end of the day, it's simply a matter of safety. High-visibility garments make you more visible to other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists on the road.

High-visibility garments also make you more visible to other construction workers—you could be walking around without your hi vis jacket on, but if anyone else sees you in their peripheral vision or as they're coming towards them at a distance, they know to slow down because there's someone working up ahead. This can create a safer environment for everyone involved in roadwork!

Prevent Slips and Falls with High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility clothing is designed to make you more visible in low-light conditions. That can help prevent slips and falls on the job site, which is among the leading causes of construction injuries.

Also, when workers wear hi vis polo shirts, they're less likely to be hit by cars as they walk through traffic. Drivers often don't see construction workers because they're wearing dark clothes or because they're working far off the road in an area with no street lights. High-visibility clothing can help drivers see you more easily so you don't get hit!

These are just a few reasons why everyone in construction should put on their high visibility gear each morning before heading out onto the job site!

Reduce Injuries on the Job

Besides being a good investment, orange hi vis trousers is a great way to reduce injuries on the job. You can easily be seen by coworkers and other construction workers, which will help you avoid injury. If you’re wearing bright colors and reflective materials, then your coworkers will see you before they can run into you. This is especially important if there’s construction going on around your area at night or in dimly lit areas—high visibility clothing will make sure that everyone knows what’s going on around them at all times!

Prevent Slips and Falls with High-Visibility Clothing

Avoid Getting Caught in Heavy Machinery

You've just finished working on a large construction site. You're tired, but it's nearly time to head home. You walk towards the vehicle gate, and suddenly, something catches your eye as it whizzes past you at an alarming speed. It was so close, in fact, that it seems to have left a scratch on your shirt sleeve!

You're lucky to be alive—but what if this had happened while you were wearing hi vis hoodie? It would have been much easier for that worker operating heavy machinery to spot you in advance of their approach. They could have slowed down or stopped altogether before hitting anyone or anything else on site with their vehicle!

Ensure You're Complying with Safety Regulations

Although it might not seem like a big deal to wear high-visibility clothing, if you're someone in construction, it is. If you are working on a job site in one of the many states that require high-visibility safety apparel, then it's crucial that you do what's required by law.

If you don't wear the correct gear and subsequently get injured, this could delay your project schedule and result in a hefty fine from regulators (up to $10k per day).

In order to make sure that everyone on your team has the proper attire for their workplace needs, check out our range of fluorescent garments at ppe equipment.

Always Wear High-Visibility Garments To Stay Safe

When on a construction site, you should always wear high-visibility garments to stay safe. High-visibility clothing is a must for construction workers. It helps you to be seen by other workers and vehicles when working on a construction site.

High-visibility clothing helps you to avoid accidents and injuries by making you more visible to others who may be around the area where you are working.

Always Wear High-Visibility Garments To Stay Safe

We hope that you now understand the importance of wearing high-visibility clothing on construction sites. It may seem like a small thing, but it can help to prevent accidents and injuries. Not only that, but it will also ensure that you comply with safety regulations so that your company won't get fined for not being up-to-date with regulations.