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10 Reasons Why Safety Gloves Are A Must

by Katerina Grigorenko on October 28, 2022

We hear it over and over again: safety is important! But what do you really need to keep yourself safe? In this blog post, you'll learn why safety ppe gloves are an essential tool for any job.

Safety Gloves To Avoid Dirt

The first reason to wear ppe gloves is that they can protect your hands from dirt. Dirt can cause skin irritation, infections, and even allergies in some people. If you're working with something that produces a lot of dust or debris (such as construction), it's essential to wear protective clothing such as long sleeve shirts and pants so that you don't get any unwanted substances on your skin.

By wearing gloves over the top of these clothes, you're adding another layer of protection from contaminants while still giving yourself the dexterity needed for certain tasks like handling tools or other equipment.

To Protect Your Skin From Harmful Chemicals

It is vital that you take care of your skin when handling chemicals. Your hands are one of the most important parts of your body, and if you do not protect them from harmful chemicals, you will end up with painful burns.

When looking for safety ppe gloves, try to find ones that offer chemical protection or chemical resistance. Some types of gloves have a higher level of protection than others and should be used in situations where there is a high risk or exposure to harmful substances such as acids or other chemicals. If you are working around these types of materials regularly, it would be recommended that you use these kinds of gloves until they are no longer needed because they will provide better overall protection than other types which may not provide adequate protection against such materials

To Reduce Handling Fatigue

Safety ppe gloves are designed to reduce the risk of injury and repetitive strain injuries. They can also help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, or nerve damage. This is especially important if you work in a job that requires heavy lifting or constant use of your hands over long periods of time.

Safety Gloves Are A Must

Safety Gloves To Protect From Heat

Here are some of the most common ways that heat can hurt your hands:

  • Burns – If you handle something hot, you’re likely to get a painful burn. The worst type of burns actually happen when your skin sticks to something hot and doesn’t come away from it easily. This is because the skin doesn’t have time to cool down before you pull away from it and breaks off in pieces. You can also get second-degree burns if your protective gloves aren't thick enough or if they're worn for too long without rest periods.
  • Injury – Electrical hazards are another major cause of hand injuries in industrial workplaces, especially when workers are wearing thin or no protection at all on their hands or wrists as they work with live wires or cables that may be exposed inside walls or conduits between rooms within an office building's infrastructure system
  • Blisters – Blisters form when there's friction between two surfaces touching each other over time without any protective barrier between them at all (like when you're holding onto something hot without wearing gloves). They usually happen because people don't wear safety gloves often enough during tasks where there might be some kind of contact with objects burning at temperatures above 120 degrees F (48 C).
  • Skin irritation - Dry skin is another side effect caused by exposure to high temperatures over extended periods; this type isn't quite as serious but still needs attention so it doesn't lead into more dangerous conditions later on down the road!

To Have Grip on Rough Surfaces

You may have heard that safety gloves can be made from rubber. Rubber is an excellent material for safety gloves as it's more resistant to abrasion than leather, and also more resistant to chemicals. The latter characteristic is especially important when handling toxic substances such as paints or cleaning products containing strong alkalis or acids.

As well as offering good grip on rough surfaces, rubber has other advantages over leather in terms of resistance to abrasion:

  • It's more durable and less likely to tear or rip when exposed to sharp objects (such as metal edges).
  • It provides good protection against cuts without being too heavy or bulky.

To Ensure Puncture and Tear Resistance

Safety PPE gloves should be puncture-resistant, which means that even a sharp object cannot pierce through the material of your gloves. This is especially useful when you are working with sharp objects such as needles or scissors. When you wear these types of safety gloves, you do not need to worry about accidentally hurting yourself with a needle because the material will prevent it from penetrating through your skin and into your hand.

PPE Gloves

To resist oils and chemicals

Safety gloves can protect your hands from oils and chemicals. They are designed to resist oil, grease, and chemicals so that you do not get any burns or skin irritation upon contact with these substances. Safety gloves also help reduce the risk of abrasions by protecting your hands when handling sharp objects or working with rough materials. Safety gloves can protect from heat. You may not realize it but when you work in a hot environment, wearing safety gloves will help keep your hands cool because they allow air to flow through them easily. This reduces sweating which means fewer chances for bacterial growths to form on the palm side of your glove!

For Safety in Wet Conditions

Safety ppe gloves are important for protecting your hands from the elements. Whether you're working in wet conditions, cold weather or hot weather, safety gloves can help keep your hands dry and warm.

Safety gloves will also protect your skin from irritants and allergens that may cause discomfort to your fingers if they come in direct contact with them.

Safety gloves are an essential tool for avoiding injury when working around sharp objects such as nails or glass pieces; they prevent cuts on the hand by providing a protective barrier between the object and the skin

Safety gloves are important because they keep you safe.

Not only are safety gloves a must-have in many different industries, but also they can help keep you safe and healthy. Safety gloves are made to keep your hands protected from harsh chemicals or sharp objects that may injure your hands or fingers.

Safety gloves are an essential part of any industry where there is the possibility of injury or exposure to harmful substances. These harmful substances include:

  • Chemicals such as acid, caustic soda and sulfuric acid
  • Chemicals that cause dermatitis (irritation) such as detergents
  • Contact with blood and body fluids

Safety gloves can also be used in other industries because they provide protection against cuts/perforations and abrasion as well as impact damage caused by falling objects.

 Safety Gloves

It’s important to remember that safety ppe gloves are not just something you wear on the job site or in your garage—they can also be used around the house. Whether you’re working with sharp objects, chemicals or hot surfaces, safety gloves will protect your hands and fingers from harm while still giving you full dexterity and range of motion. And if you don’t have any safety gloves handy? There are plenty of options available at any hardware store or suppliers of ppe.