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10 Pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to Guarantee Your Safety in the Workplace

by eBusiness UK Ltd on September 07, 2021

Safety in the workplace is always of the utmost importance, something for which both management and staff must take responsibility. Access to the right Personal Protective Equipment is at the heart of workplace safety. PPE is something that everybody should think carefully about.

These are the top ten items to keep yourself and your colleagues safe at work. 

1: JSP Hard Hats

Head protection is absolutely crucial whatever work you do. The majority of fatalities and serious injuries that occur in the workplace are caused by falling from height. Fortunately there is a wide range of JSP hard hats to suit every situation. From the classic white JSP hard hats familiar from construction sites around the world, to more specialised JSP hard hats designed for work in forestry or with integrated eye protection. The JSP hard hat is designed to protect the wearer’s head from falling objects, bumps from low ceilings and any of the other many and various mishaps that can happen on a busy work site. JSP hard hats are also engineered for comfort because it doesn’t matter how effective a piece of PPE is if nobody wants to wear it. JPS hard hats are lightweight and comfortable, which means they can easily be worn all day without causing the undue aches and pains which heavier hard hats have been associated with in the past.

10 Pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to Guarantee Your Safety in the Workplace

2: Bodywarmers

Unlike JSP hard hats the bodywarmer, or Gilet, may not always be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about PPE. But whether you consider them PPE or workwear bodywarmers can be an extremely useful part of your PPE ensemble. Available in a range of colours, in fleece fabric or a soft shell material that is perfect for workwear, bodywarmers keep the core of the body warm while leaving the arms unencumbered. Forming a functional top layer of workwear, bodywarmers are a practical solution to keeping your team warm and comfortable on colder days. 

3: Fleece Jackets

Also popular with people for personal use another important garment for wearing at work, Fleece Jackets are as useful as the work bodywarmer or hi vis hoodie. Warm, comfortable and lightweight, when worn at work, fleece jackets are a versatile item of clothing for colder weather and are available with either fully or partially zippered fronts to suit your requirements.

4: Eco Friendly Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are, now more than ever, a vital part of keeping you safe at work. Until relatively recently gloves were rarely seen outside of a medical context. In these pandemic times their use is much more widespread which has driven a rise in waste. Eco friendly disposable gloves can help reduce unnecessary waste. Since they are single use by design eco friendly disposable gloves need to be recyclable. Truly eco-friendly disposable gloves need to be stretchy and durable, but it is better if they are manufactured from less toxic materials than traditional, non-eco-friendly disposable gloves. PPE Supplies Direct carries the innovative eco-friendly disposable gloves from enviro glove who use a new non-latex based material to produce a truly eco-friendly disposable glove.

Eco Friendly Disposable Gloves

5: Hi Vis Sweatshirt

The Hi Vis sweatshirt is a vital part of your basic PPE wardrobe. Warm, comfortable and it allows great ease of movement. A Hi Vis sweatshirt offers the protection of high visibility while being lightweight and versatile. We supply hi vis sweatshirts which incorporate fluorescent strips on the body, sleeves and shoulder. These strips absorb and emit UV rays which glow in dim light. Anyone wearing one of our hi vis sweatshirts should be clearly visible to other members of the team, drivers and members of the public, at all times.

6: Hi Vis Hoodies

Hi vis sweatshirts are both warm and lightweight, but when the weather gets colder you may want to add a hi vis hoodie to the mix. Like our hi vis sweatshirts our hi vis hoodies feature fluorescent strips on the body, sleeves and shoulder to increase the visibility of workers. Hi vis hoodies are available in a “pullover style”, or with a zip fastened front. Hi vis hoodies are a practical way to keep your team protected from both accidents and the cold. 

Hi Vis Hoodies

8: Eye Protection

Just as the protection of JSP hard hats is essential to protect your staff from head injury, appropriate eye protection is essential in any job where liquids or debris can potentially come into contact with eyes. This may take the form of conventional “safety goggles”, an eye shield, or a full face visor, which could be integrated into JSP hard hats when work is taking place in a hard hat environment. 

9: Ear Defenders

Ear protection is often forgotten, but our ability to hear effectively is relatively fragile, and ear protection is very important if work is taking place in a high volume area – whether the noise is caused by heavy machinery on a construction site or by the drummer’s cymbals on a stage. Discreet earplugs are a cost effective solution in some environments. For prolonged use an over-ear “headphone” style will be more comfortable. Again, in a hard hat environment such ear defenders can be integrated into JSP hard hats. 

10: Steel Toe Caps

If you have ever stubbed a toe you’ll understand how painful an injury to toes can be! In construction environments toe protection is vital to guard against debilitating crush injuries. Traditionally associated with heavy boots, steel toe protection is now also available in lighter shoes and trainers which align safety with comfort. 

PPE Supplies Direct can offer all of these items that are so essential for maintaining safety at work, at highly competitive prices! Some items of apparel for work, including fleece Jackets, hi vis sweatshirts, hi vis hoodies and bodywarmers can all be customised to feature logos and other items of individualisation which can help increase the visibility of your brand and promote team identity while keeping your staff warm, visible and protected at all times.

JSP hard hats are also available in a range of colours beyond the traditional white. This allows you to either select JSP hard hats that are in line with your company colours or allow workers performing particular job roles to be easily identified by the colour of their JSP hard hats. The same thing can be achieved with other items of workwear. Body warmers can also be colour coded to the job role, as can your work fleece jacket. This can help to increase levels of safety, as, in the case of an emergency, staff with key skills such as first aid training can be quickly located to deal with the situation.

10 Pieces of Personal Protective Equipment

Remember - everybody is responsible for maintaining a safe environment at work. Fleece Jackets, eco-friendly disposable gloves, hi vis hoodies and every other type of PPE imaginable are only equipment. It is important to ensure that PPE such as JSP hard hats is used correctly and replaced at the end of its useful operation life. So consider your PPE and workwear needs carefully and then find out all the ways PPE Supplies Direct can help you create a safer work environment for yourself and for those around you.